Message Development

How does your audience respond to your message? Words mean different things to different people so we work with you to develop, refine and test your message until you are clear, concise, contrasting and convincing.

Standards of Care

When the National Health Law Program needed help figuring out how to talk about improving health care for women, they turned to PIMG. We conducted a media audit to identify the types of messages advocates were using, created new messaging approaches and developed and conducted a survey to assess which messages were most effective. Then we helped develop and deliver presentations for health care providers to spread the word. PIMG also designed NHelp’s Standards of Care report.

Hand Washing

To help improve cleanliness and reduce hospital-based infections, PIMG worked on behalf of the Greater Healthcare Education Project to identify and shape messages to promote better hand washing in hospitals by health care providers and hospital visitors alike. PIMG conducted focus groups with a wide range of health care workers, including hospital executives, physicians, nurses, transport, housekeeping, and many more. We turned the messaging into effective posters designed to raise awareness and achieve safer hospitals.

Flu Vaccine

On behalf of several different clients, including hospitals, nursing organizations, and health care associations, PIMG has conducted message development and research on how to encourage the public and health care workers to get their flu vaccines. The lesson? A simple, upbeat message that emphasizes safety and the importance of protecting others.