Campaigns and Advertising

We plan, create and implement public education campaigns to promote healthy behaviors and influence policy change.

Organ donation

Organ donation. PIMG created and launched the Keep Life Going campaign on behalf of the New York Organ Donor Network. We developed messaging, creative, and conducted market research to test the new campaign and placed ads in subway stations near hospitals and DMVs throughout New York City. Become an organ donor today at www.savelivesnewyork.org.

Childhood obesity

To stem the childhood obesity epidemic, PIMG created the Eat Smart, Grow Strong campaign to encourage families to eat better. We conducted market research in partnership with Lake Research Partners, the branding and website Eat Smart, Grow Strong. We also created and distributed nearly one million Super Market Spy Games to help parents and families learn how to read food labels and eat healthier. Materials were distributed through Whole Foods stores, community events and local YMCAs.

Back Up Your Birth Control

When the Reproductive Health Technologies Project wanted to develop a campaign to promote emergency contraception, they turned to PIMG. We created the campaign name, wrote the content, developed the website, and promoted this effort to increase awareness of and access to this back up method of birth control.

HIV/AIDS Prevention

PIMG has created numerous campaigns to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS among young people, including the Families Are Talking campaign on behalf of SIECUS to encourage African American and Hispanic parents to talk with their kids about sex.

Flu Prevention

PIMG has created numerous campaigns on behalf of different clients to promote flu vaccines, hand washing, and reduce hospital-based infections.

Disaster Relief Medicaid

After the terrorist attacks of 9/11, PIMG worked with a coalition of community health organizations led by the United Hospital Fund and the City of New York to promote Disaster Relief Medicaid. We developed an advertising and grassroots marketing campaign that led to the enrollment of nearly 350,000 New Yorkers onto Medicaid.