What does your “look” say about you? We work with you to strike the right tone and convey the right message for you.

Urgent Care Manhattan

To promote the first and only urgent care center on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, PIMG created the branding and corporate ID materials for this excellent alternative to long waits in the ER.

Connect Me Ohio

PIMG created the branding and messaging for this website designed to help people with disabilities in Ohio. We also created and placed a state-wide advertising campaign to promote the site when it launched. Today, Ohio residents rely on www.connectmeohio.org to connect them to the services they need for themselves and their loved ones.

Eat Smart, Grow Strong

To help reduce childhood obesity, PIMG created this campaign, including logo, website and game, to encourage families to eat better.

Next Step in Care

When the United Hospital Fund wanted to create an initiative to help family caregivers and health care workers they relied on PIMG to develop the look and messaging for www.nextstepincare.org.