We must find a way to stop the cycle of violence.

December 2011

The CDC released the largest survey on sexual and intimate partner violence in 15 years. PIMG worked with Futures Without Violence to promote the study and its lessons: victimization from violence is more widespread than previously known; victimization often starts in childhood; and we must do a better job to stop the cycle of violence. Read more about in the New York Times and AP stories here.

These people will restore your faith in the human race.

November 2011

Each year, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation conducts a nationwide search for possible recipients of its Community Health Leaders award. Winners are people who have overcome daunting odds to improve health and health care in their communities. Learn what Im Ja Choi is doing for the elderly or what Lisanne Finston is doing for the hungry or what Dr. Zane Gates is doing for people who lack health care coverage.

Toddlers using ipads and iphones?

October 2011

More than we’d care to admit, according to a new study from Common Sense Media. PIMG helped to promote the study. Read more here.

Improve your leadership skills

September 2011

A new semester has started at Barnard College’s Athena Center for Women’s Leadership Studies. Improve your negotiation, presentation, or public speaking skills. Check out the offerings at http://athenacenter.barnard.edu.

Screening for domestic violence should be part of basic health care

July 2011

Health care providers can help to reduce domestic violence if they screen their patients and refer victims to the help they need. The Institute of Medicine has recommended that this type of screening be a part of basic preventive care. PIMG worked with Futures Without Violence to promote this important recommendation. Read the New York Times’ coverage here.

How does race affect a child’s TV time?

June 2011

A new report from Northwestern University’s Center on Media and Health has found that minority youth spend nearly twice the amount of time as whites watching TV. What does that mean for the health of African American and Hispanic kids and what should we be doing about it? PIMG helped to promote the research. Read more in USA Today’s coverage.

Will your local emergency room be there if you need it?

May 2011

Emergency departments have closed at an alarming rate over the past decade, according to research conducted by Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Clinical Scholar Renee Hsia and published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. This is putting more pressure on the remaining hospitals – and longer waits for patients at the ER. Read more here.

How can we reduce gay teen suicides?

April 2011

It’s simple, according to research conducted by Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health & Society Scholar Mark Hatzenbuehler. His research finds that a more supportive environment in schools, such as a zero tolerance policy for bullying and gay-straight student alliances reduce the number of suicide attempts for both gay and straight youth. In other words, a more supportive, positive environment is better for everyone.


Women beware of birth control sabotage.

February 2011

A form of domestic violence called reproductive coercion is explained in a report from the National Domestic Violence Hotline and Family Violence Prevention Fund showing that 1 in 4 callers to the Hotline report this form of abuse. PIMG promoted the report to the media. Read the New York Times article about the report here.

New Yorkers: Sign Up to Be an Organ Donor

January 2011

The campaign PIMG created to increase the number of organ donors in New York State on behalf of the New York Organ Donor Network is now on Manhattan subway trains and billboards surrounding the city. TV ads coming soon!

U.S. Fails to Meet Key Women’s Health Goals

December 2010

A new report from the National Women’s Law Center and Oregon Health & Science University rates women’s health in the U.S. “unsatisfactory” because the nation failed to meet most of the federal objectives for women’s health – part of the Healthy People 2010 agenda. The report tracks disturbing 10-year trends, such as increases in Chlamydia, diabetes, obesity, and binge drinking. Also, fewer women are having regular Pap tests. Public Interest Media Group promoted the report, generating coverage in the New York Times, USA Today, Time Magazine, NBC Nightly News, and much more. See how your state ranks in women’s health at www.nwlc.org/hrc.

Alternative to Long Waits in ER Comes to NYC

November 2010

The wait is over! The first and only urgent care center on Manhattan’s Upper West Side opened over Thanksgiving weekend. PIMG created the branding, corporate ID and B2B materials, marketing, website, and more. Whether you live in Manhattan or are traveling from overseas, Urgent Care Manhattan is your health care solution. Founded and staffed exclusively by emergency physicians, Urgent Care Manhattan provides immediate care and superior service. www.urgentcaremanhattan.com.

Breaking through the glass ceiling.

September 2010

To prepare women for leadership roles in any career, Barnard College launched the Athena Women’s Leadership Institute. Led by Kathryn Kolbert, the institute provides training in advocacy, communications, non-profit management, and financial fluency for women of all ages – and at all stages of their careers. Public Interest Media Group’s Susan Lamontagne leads sessions in how to make news and on-camera coaching – as well as a session called “The Winning Interview,” for job seekers. Check out Athena’s full range of classes and trainers at http://www.barnard.edu/athena/lab/catalog.php.

David Garth

June 2010

A living legend in New York City politics was honored with the David Garth Chair in Political Science at the City University of New York. Former Mayors Ed Koch, Rudy Giuliani, and Mayor Michael Bloomberg were all on hand to credit their success to David. “Garth” as he is known by his clients and friends, will always be known for his irascible wit, flamboyant temper, charming smile, and infinite loyalty.

Organ Donation Saves Lives!

May 2010

To increase the number of organ donors in New York State, the New York Organ Donor Network has launched a new campaign created by the Public Interest Media Group. Featuring New Yorkers whose lives have been saved by organ donors, the campaign launched this month on Long Island, appearing at LIRR stations and on buses in Nassau County. The campaign will also appear this fall in Westchester on Metro-North station platforms and on billboards near local DMVs. Learn more at www.donatelifeny.org.

Should you get yourself tested for STDs?

April 2010

As many as 1 in 4 young people have contracted an STD. To help stem this growing epidemic, the Kaiser Family Foundation and MTV teamed up with the CDC and Planned Parenthood to encourage young people to get tested! Read more about the campaign at www.kff.org and GYT (Get Yourself Tested)!

Does childhood obesity start in the womb?

March 2010

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation physician faculty scholar Elsie Taveras, M.D., of Harvard Pilgrim finds that it does. We generated coverage for this study. Read more at www.nytimes.com/babyfat.

Can Doctors Refuse to Provide Medical Care to Women?

March 2010

A report developed by the National Health Law Program’s Standards of Care Project shows the growing trend of health care refusals (otherwise known as “conscience clauses”) and the serious threat they cause to women’s health. PIMG conducted message research to help women’s health advocates frame and talk about the issues, designed and edited the report, and raised awareness about this problem in the media.